Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sherlock meets Poirot!

It's a great feeling when, after you've lagged behind in getting all the sound patterns and sound effects completed, on the dress rehearsal most everything comes together like a quickly joined jig-saw puzzle.

I'm not saying we didn't have our share of problems. Not to mention that another cast member and I have been been blessed with an illness. Mine's just a minor cold with all the trimmings - her's let's just say I hope she feels better (since we're having pizza for the cast tomorrow). Bottom line, I'm glad I don't need to stay up too late tonight.

I just need to do a little minor tweaking.

I noticed something else tonight. The script grows on me. I've been involved with shows where the first read-through is more than you need to hear (I won't name any of the titles - a few have been my own) - but this one begs to be listened to more than once.

I hope our audience feels the same way. We'll see at about an hour and 10 minutes after 7:30.

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