Friday, November 18, 2005

Props props props

What happens when your prop starter pistol doesn' t fire? (click) Doesn't fire..? (click) Still doesn't fire...(click)?

If you're lucky... the sound effects table has two boards ready to slap together and BANG!!! The villain is able to dispose of a character "who's usefulness has run out"...

At the time of the first or second "non-bang"... the clever victim was saying, "No... not oh dear... oh" while patiently waiting for the shot.

Apparently he was two beats away from saying "What are you going to do with that knife???" when our sound effects table sprang into action.

It was fun... it was live... it was a moment we shared with our audience... all part of a splendid show. We've got three more performances - two at retirement communities and one Saturday (tomorrow) night in Fort Worth.

To those audiences, we can't promise a mis-firing starter pistol, but we can promise an excellent show!

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