Saturday, November 19, 2005

Great turn-outs.

This November's shows are turning out to be some of our largest in a while. We were spoiled very early on in our radio-theatre life by getting a few 100+ audiences.

We haven't had those numbers ever since, and lately we've been lucky to get a third of that number. But if you add the number of folks who came to Friday's show at the Museum, and the number who came to Artistic Blends in Fort Worth, the total is starting to get very close to those early records... 80 or more, I should think. I'm not even counting the retirement community events.

Honestly, it's encouraging to see our audience numbers increase in Fort Worth. Speaking of that town, we were sad to lose our broadcast spot on KTCU, and a few of our audience told me they share our disappointment. But recently, I heard that KTCU had cut a few other shows too... so now I don't feel so bad (misery loves company?). I guess it was an across the board restructuring (in addition to a failure to communicate, a slight misunderstanding - and the fact that our attention was focused on some guests who were staying with us at the time due to hurricane Katrina).

I urged our Fort Worth and former KTCU listeners that it wouldn't hurt to share their feelings, not only with me, but with the program director at the station - but, like most people (myself included) it sounded like an effort to write a letter saying they missed audio theater on their airwaves.

We're still broadcast up in Denton (KNTU) which covers part of Fort Worth - so all is not lost.

So, thanks again to November's enthusiastic and plentiful audiences! We'll be back in December, and in the future...

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