Sunday, November 27, 2005

Next Broadcast December 4

December 4th KNTU-FM 88.1 Denton
Sunday at 4pm (Central Time)

Note: This show should have aired November 27th

Great Northern Audio Theater: Wizard Jack
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 3

North Texas Broadcast Premire
THE LAST HARBINGER is a satiric vision of an obscenely grotesque world. The story begins as a strange Harbinger is sent on a mission to a place called Moloch. Moloch is an absurdly brutal world rapidly destroying its environment. A world with precious little compassion. In short: Moloch is a civilisation destroying itself. The Harbinger has the truth. But can truth alone save a world ? The Last Harbinger was commissioned by Radio Telefis Eireann, the national broadcasting company of Ireland and was first broadcast by RTE Radio 1 in May 2005.

Also on the program:

  • TRTC - Pig Latin Shakespear Collection "Commercial"
  • TRTC - N.Tensions Coffee "Commercial"
  • Lester McFwap: Psychotic Friends Network
  • Larry Weaver: Karate Chop Chip
  • TRTC - Paper "Commercial"

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