Sunday, December 23, 2007

Now podcasting!

"A Biscotti Family Christmas"

Recorded in front of a studio audience at the Arlington Museum of Art - December 2005

Sam is the boss of the Biscotti family business, a shady organization in the city. Sam is dropped off at this nightclub where he believes his annual Christmas party is about to take place. He had left all the planning to Frankie, his son. Frankie is using the opportunity to get rid of his father and take over the family business. All the plans are suddenly ‘messed up’ when Amaretta, a disoriented old lady, wanders onto the scene and changes everyone’s lives forever.

Visit our Podcast to hear this and an assortment of our other audio plays.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem

The Texas Radio Theatre Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art present "Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem"

Adapted by Julie Barrett

Directed by Richard Frohlich

Featuring the voice talents of:

Robert Clover Brown
Margot Copel
David Grant
Sheela Kadam
Bryan Lockett
Richard Milla
Spencer Prokop,
and Ken Raney

Four performances in the metroplex at four different venues:
Friday November 16th, 8:00pm at the Arlington Museum of Art
201 W. Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010
$5 suggested donation

Saturday November 17th, 2:00pm at the Grapevine Public Library
1201 Municipal Way
Grapevine Texas 76051
Free - (donations accepted)

Sunday November 18th, 7pm at ICT Studio
2333 Rochelle
Irving Texas 76062
Admission $7

Saturday Dec 1st, 2pm at theDallas Public Library
J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
Fine Arts Dept - 4th Floor
1515 Young St., Dallas, TX 75201

The Texas Radio Theatre presents an audio adaptation of one of Sherlock Homles' most notorious cases, featuring literature's first super villain - Professor James Moriarty. How great must Holmes sacrifice be to rid the world of such a complete and diabolical menace?

The Texas Radio Theatre Company performs and records a time-honored form of entertainment known as audio (or radio) theatre reminiscent of radio's golden age. Though linked to the past, modern audio theatre takes the story to a place that television and film struggle to reach, featuring an unrivaled realism found only in your imagination.
For more information log onto our webpage at

Holmes Bigger than the Sun!

Comet Holmes' coma is now the largest single object in the solar system.

Yahoo News Story

It last erupted like this in 1892


Tell everyone they must come and see Holmes...

in the Final Problem performed by the Texas Radio Theatre this weekend and on Dec 1st

Show Info

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Donation Page/Jar

For years the audience of our live performances have been treated to the pathetic heart-breaking and slightly melodramatic cries of Zippy, our invisible donation jar elf, as he attempts to save his life by escaping from our donation jar.
TRTC Donation Jar - the home of Zippy

Each performance he is able to make his escape, only to be thrown back into the jar for the next show. His rescue is always dependent upon your kindness and generosity... which thanks to you has be consistently forthcoming.

Now "exclusive donation jar audio" has been added to our website and blog - and you can experience that life or death urgency from the comfort of your computer or ipod. Relish the pleas. Savor the whimpers. Relive all the fun times from a live Texas Radio Theatre Performance. Just Click the audio link below -

Please help Zippy or he'll DIE!

And do visit our donations page so Zippy won't die....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Headed League Podcast

The Texas Radio Theatre podcast has returned. Since we're performing THE FINAL PROBLEM later this month, we're offering all of our Sherlock Holmes recordings from 2002 to present. Coming soon:
This week:

Texas Radio Theatre 08 - Red Headed League
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Red Headed League

A radio recreation originally adapted by Edith Miser. Directed by Richard Frohlich and Produced by the Texas Radio Theatre Company. Recorded in front of a studio audience November 2002

The Cast (in alphabetical order):
Bill Flynn...........……………….......... Sherlock Holmes
Gary Layton..........……………………........ Dr. Watson
Keven Nash...................... Jebez Wilson / Merryweather
Jess Price..........................Vincent Spaulding / John Clay
Ken Raney............………………………..... Announcer

The Crew:
Hina Padhiar / Ken Raney ....……. Live Sound Effects
Richard Frohlich.... Engineering, Prerecorded Music and SFX
Shannan Frohlich......………….....Executive Producer

Special Thanks to the Arlington Museum of Art and the Coffee Haus at Lincoln Square

Length: 28:31 min, Size: 13.4mb

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time to blow the stink off!

This blog has been sitting dormant for too darned long.

Lots of things are going on in the month of November, so here they are:


The Texas Radio Theatre Company has joined forces with Schlock Audio Theater to produce new audio send-ups to the best worst movies of all time


Hear our newest production of ROBOT MONSTER and more at

Currently available for download

(click to stream - right-click [save as] to download)

Recorded at a secretly concealed audio installation deep in the heart of Colleyville, Texas

Adapted by Charles E. Pratt Jr.
Directed and Recorded by Richard Frohlich

Featuring the voice talents of:

Reg Platt ..................... Viktor, Ro-Man
Bryan Douglas ................. Begore, Professor
Kelly Scott ................... Johnny
Susan McMath Platt ............ Carla, Martha
Richard Milla ................. Roy
Dona Safran ................... Alice
Mitch Carr .................... Great Guidance

Incidentally, this is the FIRST time a complete Texas Radio Theatre Company production has been available on line IMMEDIATELY after it was completed.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007 - 2008 Season

2007 - 2008 Season

August 2007

Cliff Proton and the Planet of Luuuv

September 2007

An Evening with Jeeves and Wooster

November/December 2007

Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem

April 2008

Cliff Proton and the Loose Jelly at the Edge of the Universe

June 2008

The Garbage Fairies

Friday, May 11, 2007

Public Radio Talent Quest

The Public Radio Talent Quest

Do you have what it takes to be public radio's next great host? Do you have that most elusive of qualities - hostiness?

Now is your chance.

We're casting a wide net to find new talent for public radio, and giving away over $70,000 along the way.

Check it out. Give them a listen... record your own.

Yes, I even tossed my hat in the ring.
(All part of my cunning plan - [insert diabolical laughter])

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Next up: Cliff Proton in August

Our Colonel Nickels play was a great success. By the time we did our last show in Irving, all the cues were being hit right - everyone was sounding good - and the energy was perfect.

It's going to be a little bit of time before we launch our next show:

Cliff Proton and the Planet of Luuuuv! (Bow Chicka Bow Wow).

The plan is to hold auditions (if we have open auditions) at the end of July.

The performance dates will be August 24th at the Arlington Museum of Art (which ought to be fully re-opened by then), August 25th at the Grapevine Library (they enjoyed having us last time, and we enjoyed performing there), August 26th at the ICT Studio in Irving, and maybe one more performance the following week. I have to figure out where.

The basic story is that Cliff is buried under in paperwork and decides that maybe it would be good to go on a simple date. He starts by asking Space Ranger Sarah out, but before he knows it, he gets more than he bargained for, and is trapped (T R A P P E D) on the Planet of Luuuuuv (Bow Chicka Bow Wow).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Next Radio Play - April 20th

Colonel Nickels and the Last Brushcat from Punta Oreos

The Texas Radio Theatre Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art present “Colonel Nickels and the Last Brushcat of Punta Oreos” the weekend of April 20th

A comedy/adventure written by Richard Frohlich with Rodd Wayne and Rich Baker, the story is about the quintessential British explorer and adventurer known as Colonel Nickels, who in 1913 is commissioned by the London Zoo to search the jungles of South America for the very last ferocious, deadly and lonely brushcat. His mission is two-fold. To return with the brushcat and not get killed.

We hope to perform in Arlington, Grapevine and Irving. Details on specific time, date and admission ( if applicable) will be posted soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Column Award

Today I just learned about some really cool news:

Best Sound Design of a Musical – Equity

Richard Frohlich

THE FULL MONTY – Theatre Three

See the whole list of winners here:


Friday, February 09, 2007

Performance / Recording February 16,17 and 18th

The Texas Radio Theatre Company, in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art invite you to a recording of:

Cliff Proton and
The Sticky Predicament on Planet Politico

Friday February 16th at 7:30pm
Arlington Museum of Art
201 W. Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010
$5 suggested donation
(this performance sponsored in part by the British Emporium - Grapevine TX)

Saturday February 17th at 7pm
Sunday February 18th at 7pm
ICT Studio
2333 Rochelle, Irving TX 75062
(972) 594-6104

Saturday February 17th at 10pm
Dallas Hub Theater
2809 Canton St.
Dallas , TX 75226
$10 at the door
("pay what you can" reservations (214) 749-7010

please log onto texasradiotheatre dot com for updates and more information.

Cliff Proton, a space ranger of the future rockets into your imagination with his faithful robot and the amazing Doctor Heterodyne. In this episode, he's joined by space ranger Sarah as he battles galactic sized bureaucracy, daunting dodecatuplicate travel forms, and the brutal savagry of the "new and improved" Peace Corp in his attempt to escape red tape strong enough to choke a dozen black holes. Of course, if he can't, his fate and that of all his friends is doomed (again). This is the fifth Cliff Proton Adventure.

Featuring the voice talent of: Jonathan Cooper, Bryan Douglas, AJ Glendenning, David Grant, Jerri Hall, Dona Safran and Ken Raney.

Dona Mularkey and Ken Raney will provide live sound effects

Produced by Shannan Frohlich and the Texas Radio Theatre Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art. Written and directed by Richard Frohlich. Ken Raney is the Production Manager.

Shaking the dust off -

I've been all over the place with so many projects -
there's not time to list them all -
so I'll just mention what's coming up!!