Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Interactive Audio Theatre this Saturday (9/30)

Family Day at the Arlington Museum of Art

Captain Thunder & Flatfoot

(the only super hero with a pet duck)

September 30th at 1pm

An interactive experience. This time YOU will help produce one of our audio plays. YOU voice the character - YOU produce the sound effects - and we will be there to do the technical stuff and offer any help and coaching. Anyone (aged 7 and up) is invited to participate.

We take the stage at 1pm

Arlington Museum of Art

201 West Main Street

Arlington, Texas 76010

Friday, September 15, 2006

Another performance - Oct 2nd

HECATE HILL: the audio play
by Bill Fountain

Monday October 2nd at 7:30pm
Arlington Museum of Art
201 West Main Street
Arlington, Texas 76010

We're recording the voice-over for Hecate Hill. This will be a bit more like readers theatre than what we normally do. We're hoping to use this recording to finish an audio play based on a frightening one act play from author Bill Fountain.

We'll begin recording at 7:30pm on Monday October 2nd at the Arlington Museum of Art. More information will be on our website shortly.

Texas Radio Theater Company proudly presents a world premiere production written by local playwright Bill Fountain and directed by local director Bob White!

THE STORY: A group of cycling friends meet up for a reunion (and Bigfoot hunt) in a remote cabin in Southern Oklahoma. At the same time, not too far away, a group of hunters do the impossible and kill one of the creatures. Suddenly, not only does the world find out that the creatures really do exist, but they don't take kindly to one of their own being killed. An electromagnetic pulse shuts down the power all over the planet as our world is invaded by armies of angry creatures.

Meanwhile, out in the dark woods, a few friends fight to survive the night. Welcome back to the bottom of the food chain.

But is any of it really happening? Will the friends survive to find out the truth about Hecate Hill?

FACT OR FICTION? A recent rash of Bigfoot sightings and reports on the news all taking place in Oklahoma and Texas and within 50 miles of where Fountain set his fictional play? Life imitates art?

THE LOWDOWN: “HECATE HILL” promises to be an interesting afternoon of original radio theater. A One Act play, suitable for general audiences, about what happens when the things that go bump in the night decide to step out of the darkness. An incredible cast of actors from all over North Texas assembling for this radio drama experience!

Sound Design at Theatre Three

In between all the other stuff I'm doing - I hope you're able to see 'Vieux Carre' at Theatre Three.

It's an excellent show - and permit me (as a sound designer) to say that it's one of the more interesting sound designs I've done lately - it's more than just police sirens and musical scene transitions - it's like an audio-gumbo of underscored emotion, subtlety... and a few 'push you back into your seat' cues to keep it all 'Nawlins'.

At least that's what I was hoping for. Check it out:
Theatre Three
Box Office: 214.871.3300


by Tennessee Williams


I'm getting kind of fed up with technology.

Apparently enough people who signed up to get email updates from Texas Radio Theatre - decided to claim we were spamming them rather than ask to be removed from the list.

So we're going to have to stop sending out email updates until we can sort out what we ought to do. Probably we'll go to Constant Contact... but still, I'm not sure how to weed out the folks who don't want to get our updates for shows, auditions, podcasts and other junk.

Man... to think that someone confused a group that's dedicated to expanding your mind with some sleezy weasel asking you if you wanted to expand something else.

So, in the meantime: Check here... our webpage ... and our myspace account for updates!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Whisper: September 15, 16 and 23rd

The Texas Radio Theatre Company, in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art invite you to a recording of:

Some Things are Better Left Undead
an audioplay by Richard Frohlich performed and recorded on stage

======== FRIDAY EVENING - PREVIEW ========
September 15th, 2006 at 7:30pm

Arlington Museum of Art
201 W. Main Street Arlington, TX 76010

Suggested ticket price at the door is $5.00

======== TWO SATURDAY EVENINGS in Dallas ========

September 16th & September 23rd at 8:15pm
Dallas Hub Theatre
2809 Canton Street. / Dallas, TX 75226
Box Office: 214.749.7010

Tickets: $15 to $20

We plan to broadcast this recording in October on KNTU.

The Whisper is an action-mystery audio play with a full cast and sound effects. This episode is written and directed by Richard Frohlich and features the voice talents of: David DeFalco, Jerri Hall, Richard Milla, Kelly Scott, and Bob White.
Our shows are typically suited for all ages. The play and accompanying shorts will run under 90 minutes including one intermission (depending on the venue).

The Story:
The Whisper is Kendra King, a history professor at Ivy University. She uses a mysterious ability to leave the physical boundaries of her own body to transform herself into an unseen and powerful threat against injustice, darkness and evil.
Her identity as the Whisper is known only to Conrad Gallagher – a family friend who, since accidentally learning her secret, constantly tries to assist her as her "side-kick".

In this episode she meets the spirit of Herbert Cartwright who, in an attempt to avoid legal punishment, is undergoing a procedure designed to fake and confirm his own death. The Whisper would normally attempt to expose him, however due to their unusual meeting, he may have discovered her true identity in an adventure designed to stimulate your imagination.

Our adaptations and original audio plays are presented in much the same way as in radio's golden age. Actors with scripts read into microphones while a sound effects artist uses everything from soup cans to nut shells to create the "sound image" for each scene. We take this experience out of the radio, CD or ipod and bring it to you on stage.

For more information, please log onto www.texasradiotheatre.com , or email info@texasradiotheatre.com

Texas Radio Theatre Company
P.O. Box 203063
Arlington, TX 76006-3063

*NEW* Radiotheatre Season in NYC

Caught this on John Garcia's COLUMN...

Geez, I guess this audio theatre trend is continuing...
we're doing a similar thing at the Hub later this month -
so if you can't get up to NYC -
come see US in Deep Ellum...
more info to follow!!!

RADIOTHEATRE is a live theatrical Off Off Broadway company producing five shows a season in Manhattan.

Currently casting THE HAUNTING OF 85 EAST 4th STREET opens November 30. AEA Showcase contract pending. Union and non-Union. We are NOT a radio show. We produce a unique form of theatre using extensive soundtrack, music and live actors. Seeking: Deep voiced, mature "radio" actor, a great story teller, particularly of terrifying tales.

Someone who can command an audience with his voice and natural ability to weave a tall tale and scare them at the same time. Not just looking for voiceover artists. Please do not send if this doesn't apply to you. Please submit headshot and resume to Radiotheatre, 190 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014.

Check out past productions at www.radiotheatrenyc.com.