Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Broadcasts resume on UTA-radio


I'm not sure if it will be this Wednesday or the next,
but I just got an email stating our broadcasts will resume on UTA-radio in Arlington.

Catch us on the web Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm via their STREAMING AUDIO

Student-operated UTA Radio airs on line - 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is a division of the Communication Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.

For Arlington, TX residents, this station is also broadcast on Arlington cable channel 76
As soon as I know the schedule, I'll post that here and on our main webpage.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Biscotti Family Christmas

Here's the new image - hopefully we can get this on the website soon.

Violet Crown Radio Players go APE!

If you're in or around Austin - look out...

Our Austin based friends, The Violet Crown Radio Players are pleased to present one of the rarest and most sought after radio dramas in history! It's the LOST and RESTORED Lux Radio Theater version of KING KONG!

HEAR dinosaurs RAGING! THRILL to the sounds of Kong RAMPAGING! LISTEN to the drama and heartbreak! ONLY from the VIOLET CROWN RADIO PLAYERS!

When legendary film director Cecil B. De Mille dreamed up a new direction for Lux Radio Theater, his vision was to bring the excitement of the movies to every home in America—through radio. The producers weren't as confident as he was, so he paid for a test broadcast (the first of its kind) in New York City.

The movie they adapted? None other than RKO's legendary King Kong. The studio audience loved it, but due to a power outage on the Eastern Seaboard, the transmission was never relayed. The script was lost in the whirlwind of the weekly series, and has never been heard before—UNTIL NOW!

Performance dates are December 1 - 4, and December 9 - 10. All performances are at 8:00 PM except Sunday, December 4, a 3:00 PM matinee. Thursday, December 1 is a "Pay What You Wish Preview."

All other performances are $12.50 in advance, $15.00 at the door.

Details and ticket reservations are on our website,, or call us at 512-694-5868 for more information.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Missed it by 'that' much.

As you may or may not know, I was really trying to keep the shows on schedule, but now our broadcasts are a week behind.

The blog is more or less up to date, and I'll update the website this week. I think if everything is on track - we'll air either "A Christmas Carol" or "Trailer Trash Christmas" in January.

Or not. We might just skip one of them this year. We'll see.

The main thing is I'm going to try to do is keep THE LAST HARBINGER together. I don't want an extra week or two to go by before the series concludes.

I'll pass on more information as I get it.

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving Holiday!


Next Broadcast December 4

December 4th KNTU-FM 88.1 Denton
Sunday at 4pm (Central Time)

Note: This show should have aired November 27th

Great Northern Audio Theater: Wizard Jack
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 3

North Texas Broadcast Premire
THE LAST HARBINGER is a satiric vision of an obscenely grotesque world. The story begins as a strange Harbinger is sent on a mission to a place called Moloch. Moloch is an absurdly brutal world rapidly destroying its environment. A world with precious little compassion. In short: Moloch is a civilisation destroying itself. The Harbinger has the truth. But can truth alone save a world ? The Last Harbinger was commissioned by Radio Telefis Eireann, the national broadcasting company of Ireland and was first broadcast by RTE Radio 1 in May 2005.

Also on the program:

  • TRTC - Pig Latin Shakespear Collection "Commercial"
  • TRTC - N.Tensions Coffee "Commercial"
  • Lester McFwap: Psychotic Friends Network
  • Larry Weaver: Karate Chop Chip
  • TRTC - Paper "Commercial"

Nov - Jan Broadcasting Schedule for KNTU

Nov 20 NTU-69
TRTC: The Bride Comes to Yellowsky (2/03)
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 2
Also on the program: TRTC - Creepay "Commercial"

Nov 27 - rerun (missed the holiday by 'that' much)

Dec 4 NTU-70
Great Northern Audio Theater: Wizard Jack
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 3
Also on the program: TRTC - Pig Latin Shakespear Collection "Commercial" / TRTC - N.Tensions Coffee "Commercial"/ Lester McFwap: Psychotic Friends Network / Larry Weaver: Karate Chop Chip / TRTC - Paper "Commercial"

Dec 11 NTU-71
TRTC: The Monkey's Paw in Texas
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 4

Dec 18 NTU-72
TRTC: Whisper: All of Me
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Last Harbinger Part 5

Dec 25 NTU-38
TRTC: Dickens: A Christmas Carol

Jan 1 NTU-37
TRTC: Trailer Trash Christmas Carol

Jan 8 NTU-73
TRTC: Sherlock Holmes - The Abercrombie Forgery Part 1
an all-new audioplay by Julie Barrett - BROADCAST PREMIRE
DECODER RING THEATRE - Red Panda - The Riddle of the Sphinx

Jan15 NTU-74
TRTC: Sherlock Holmes - The Abercrombie Forgery Part 2
an all-new audioplay by Julie Barrett - BROADCAST PREMIRE
Great Northern Audio Theater : Dialoge with Martian Trombone

Jan 22 NTU-75
TRTC: Sherlock Holmes - The Abercrombie Forgery Part 3
an all-new audioplay by Julie Barrett - BROADCAST PREMIRE
DECODER RING THEATRE - Red Panda - Night Patrol

Jan 29 NTU-76
TRTC: Plan 9b from the Deadly Planet of Death
(newest recording Oct '05)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New shows on their way - with crossed fingers

I sent off two new programs (NTU 70 and 71) to KNTU yesterday. I completely forgot about the holiday weekend - otherwise I would have tried to get the shows enroute to the station earlier.

I hope they make it there in time for broadcast. I guess when we all tune in this Sunday - it will either be a new show, or a rerun of last week's program (making the schedule out of wack for the holidays - since I wanted to air two Christmas themed plays for the end of the year).

** UPDATE: I receieved a phone call on Tuesday, saying that if the program was not received by noon on Wednesday - we'd have to wait a week. According to the tracking number, they got the package at ten minutes after noon... so - honestly, it's anybody's guess. Tune in and find out.

Last night we finished the first cut of the new Slappy's Puppet Playhouse show: "Twuz, the Knight Before Christmas". It goes on stage Thanksgiving weekend (yes, this weekend) at the Galleria in Dallas. TRTC alums: Shannon Atkinson (CN: Creature from 50,001 Fathoms) , Cindy Matthews (Trailer Park Christmas Carol), Reg Platt (SH: Abercrombie Forgery) and Ramond Banda (Cliff Proton I) all lend their voices to this latest play. It's great fun for kids and adults... the content is multi-layered with a little something for everyone.

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on "The Biscotti Family Christmas" - I hope to have sides up SOON... If you're thinking about auditioning, think of it as a light hearted Sopranos. Not a comedy or lampoon, just lighter.

Ciao! That's all for now.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Great turn-outs.

This November's shows are turning out to be some of our largest in a while. We were spoiled very early on in our radio-theatre life by getting a few 100+ audiences.

We haven't had those numbers ever since, and lately we've been lucky to get a third of that number. But if you add the number of folks who came to Friday's show at the Museum, and the number who came to Artistic Blends in Fort Worth, the total is starting to get very close to those early records... 80 or more, I should think. I'm not even counting the retirement community events.

Honestly, it's encouraging to see our audience numbers increase in Fort Worth. Speaking of that town, we were sad to lose our broadcast spot on KTCU, and a few of our audience told me they share our disappointment. But recently, I heard that KTCU had cut a few other shows too... so now I don't feel so bad (misery loves company?). I guess it was an across the board restructuring (in addition to a failure to communicate, a slight misunderstanding - and the fact that our attention was focused on some guests who were staying with us at the time due to hurricane Katrina).

I urged our Fort Worth and former KTCU listeners that it wouldn't hurt to share their feelings, not only with me, but with the program director at the station - but, like most people (myself included) it sounded like an effort to write a letter saying they missed audio theater on their airwaves.

We're still broadcast up in Denton (KNTU) which covers part of Fort Worth - so all is not lost.

So, thanks again to November's enthusiastic and plentiful audiences! We'll be back in December, and in the future...

Snow Spit Sperlock

One of the cast members picked up Wednesday's Dallas Observer and there's a spotlight mention on page 37 as one of this week's "Performance" highlights. Admittedly 3/4s of the story is about their interest in the name "Abercrombie"... but they wrote about us... and as P.T. Barnum, or Madonna... or Mae West... or Bette Davis... or Paul Lynde said... "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Or something like that. Here's the story:
Mystery FM
We Dallas Observer bargain hunters aren't afraid to hit up knock-off vendors when we want that brand-name look for less. That's why we're stoked about The Abercrombie Forgery. We're gonna pick up some factory-shredded jeans (tears will be slightly off-center) and scoop up some graphic tees with clever sexual innuendo (even if "I heart worms at Jimmy's Sugar Shack" doesn't exactly make sense) all for half the price of the real things. Or, we would, if The Abercrombie Forgery were a designer imitation sale at a warehouse in Carrollton. But it's not. Rather, it's an original audio play performed by the Texas Radio Theatre Company, featuring literary detectives Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Performances are 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Arlington Museum of Art, 201 W. Main in Arlington, and 8 p.m. Saturday at Artistic Blends Coffee House, 5298 Trail Lake in Fort Worth. Tickets are $5 at the door. Call 817-319-8497 or visit --Andrea Grimes

Friday, November 18, 2005

Props props props

What happens when your prop starter pistol doesn' t fire? (click) Doesn't fire..? (click) Still doesn't fire...(click)?

If you're lucky... the sound effects table has two boards ready to slap together and BANG!!! The villain is able to dispose of a character "who's usefulness has run out"...

At the time of the first or second "non-bang"... the clever victim was saying, "No... not oh dear... oh" while patiently waiting for the shot.

Apparently he was two beats away from saying "What are you going to do with that knife???" when our sound effects table sprang into action.

It was fun... it was live... it was a moment we shared with our audience... all part of a splendid show. We've got three more performances - two at retirement communities and one Saturday (tomorrow) night in Fort Worth.

To those audiences, we can't promise a mis-firing starter pistol, but we can promise an excellent show!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sherlock meets Poirot!

It's a great feeling when, after you've lagged behind in getting all the sound patterns and sound effects completed, on the dress rehearsal most everything comes together like a quickly joined jig-saw puzzle.

I'm not saying we didn't have our share of problems. Not to mention that another cast member and I have been been blessed with an illness. Mine's just a minor cold with all the trimmings - her's let's just say I hope she feels better (since we're having pizza for the cast tomorrow). Bottom line, I'm glad I don't need to stay up too late tonight.

I just need to do a little minor tweaking.

I noticed something else tonight. The script grows on me. I've been involved with shows where the first read-through is more than you need to hear (I won't name any of the titles - a few have been my own) - but this one begs to be listened to more than once.

I hope our audience feels the same way. We'll see at about an hour and 10 minutes after 7:30.

Friday, November 11, 2005

New Website design.

Excellent news! Our new website is up. Yeah!

We've been waiting about a year for these updates to take effect. Well, they're almost, just about, nearly complete.

If you're looking at it tonight (11/11 or the morning of 11/12), you will notice a few things weird about it. You see, the new site is... up... the data's just a little dusty. But, in the words of Underdog, "Have no fear... What's incorrect and written wrong will be reworked and fixed by dawn." (or at least sometime tomorrow morning).

It's pretty snazzy though!

Also, I emailed some things to Jack at the Sonic Society up in Nova Scotia - I sent them a Jack Hardcastle story that was put together in 2002. I'll probably send them some other stuff in the near future, and then Texas Radio Theatre will be international.

And back when we won our recent Mark Time Honorable Mention (July), the folks at KUNM also wanted to hear and possibly air some of our plays. I think it's about time I get some programs off to them... so we can be heard in New Mexico too.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Second Abercrombie Rehearsal

Julie did a fabulous job tightening up an excellent script. And despite a delay of 30 or so minutes while we all leafed through, and penciled in the 18 pages of updates to our scripts, when we got started, everyone sounded great. (and we still have two more rehearsals left... woo hoo!)

When I closed my eyes tonight, I could see Poirot and Holmes duking it out in Hercules little office in the Brussels Police Department. I could imagine Watson and his wife motoring through Antwerp on their new motor-bicycles and I could imagine the exotic atmosphere in Le Chat Noir, where madam Fifi did her 'snake dance'...

The only thing missing is the musical transitions and the recorded sound effects. Yup... that was the only thing keeping this rehearsal from being perfect. That's only one of the things I have to do this weekend. There's also a first edit for Slappy's Puppet Playhouse.

We recorded the soundtrack for their Christmas Puppet show: "Twuz, the Knight Before Christmas", on Wednesday. Two of our current cast members and technically 2 other TRTC alumni added their voices to this next production. Their scripts are always fun to do, and the sound tracks for the puppet theater use a lot of the same elements as audio theater - so it's not a big stretch for us. To bad we can't air some of these soundtracks... most work surprisingly well without puppets.

Anyhow, to stay on schedule with their Thanksgiving opening weekend, I need to have the first edit ready for them on Monday or Tuesday (the same day that all the sounds are due for Holmes).


Not only that, but I'm trying to button up the 'Biscotti Family Christmas'... so I guess there's no TV for me... (like I have time for it anyway)

Might as well make the most of the last hour or so before midnight - maybe I'll engineer the next broadcast. Incidentally, our November 27th show will feature an all new story from Great Northern Audio Theatre. I just got it in the mail, and it's got David Ossman and Phil Proctor from Firesign Theatre. Phil Proctor is also on Crazy Dog Audio Theatre's "The Last Harbinger". So that night you'll have your 'phil' of good audio drama...

- - - - - sorry about that - - - - - - - -

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Abercrombie Forgery - update

Rehearsals start Monday (tomorrow 11/7) on the Abercrombie Forgery. Our first show is on Friday November 18th, followed by a show at a local retirement community and then a late night show at Artistic Blends in Fort Worth.

At this moment, Artistic Blends is spelled wrong on the website - (missing the 'ic' - I'm sure there's a pun there somewhere) .

As far as the cast, I'm very pleased with the actors our casting director chose. We didn't even have a week between the posting of auditions and the actual event, and I was pleasantly surprised that so many talented folks showed up. As always - when you have so many come out to audition, it's tougher to pick. This weekend was made doubley busy because we were 'out of pocket' camping with my son's cub scout troop. It was a blast and brought back many scouting memories.

As of two minutes ago, I just finished printing out the script, and it was murder. For some reason, my printer is going on the fritz - and it will not print an entire script without locking up. Every time it locks up... I need to reboot the computer before I can print another page. Thankfully I had a second computer that I could just switch the printer cable while I got the other machine rebooted. But, as you can imagine, that created another whole group of complications. Sometimes I could get through a whole 15 pages (of a 74 page script) before a lock-up.

Will the hilarity ever cease?

In a nutshell, tonight was fun, plus I still need to produce November 20th's KNTU broadcast. At least tomorrow is a more casual read-thru. That will be nice.

Until later.

Rod Renegade Broadcast

At this moment (Sunday afternoon about 4pm) "Rod Renegade - The Cruise to Die For" is being broadcast over KNTU-FM in Denton.

Incidentally - KNTU streams their broadcast on the web at incredible quality. So, if you're not in the immediate listening area - log onto their site and listen in on Sundays at 4 (central time)

That program was recorded in front of a studio audience in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas September 2005.

It was produced by Shannan Frohlich, the Texas Radio Theater Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art. It was written, and directed by Richard Frohlich.

Featured in the cast were Lee Dunkelberg, Larry Groebe, Pam Heath, Jared Mitchell, Ken Raney, Mary McElree, Dona Safran and Stephanie Wulfe.

Live sound effects were performed by Ken Raney and Rhiannon McMillen. (I just know I spelled her name wrong - somehow)

Scroll down for information about our next production - a Sherlock Holmes/Hercule Poirot play and our next auditions on December 3rd for a very special organized crime style Christmas called "The Biscottis 'Family' Christmas".

Proceeds from the December production will benefit the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Biscotti Christmas Audition Scenes


(c) 2005 Richard Frohlich All Rights Reserved

Sam is the boss of the Biscotti family business, a shady organization in the city. The story takes place mainly at Sam Biscotti’s Nightclub where he believes his annual Christmas party is about to take place. He had left all the planning to Frankie, his son. Frankie is using the opportunity to get rid of his father and take over the family business. All the plans are suddenly ‘messed up’ when Amaretta, a disoriented old lady, wanders onto the scene and changes everyone’s lives forever.

CAST (Four males and Two females - some roles will be doubled)

NOTE: You do not need to be the ages recommended. This is an audio play - and you need only SOUND like you are the suggested age.

(F) Older woman – 70s She goes from not knowing where she is or what she’s doing – to being a very sharp cookie.

(M) Mob boss – 50’s Gave his son the job of organizing the annual Christmas party. Very disappointed.

(M) SAM’s son. – 30’s Plans to do away with his father. Getting help from Marie

(F) Manager of one of Sam’s bars – likes Frankie and would like him to be the boss.

(M) A mobster –

The following will be cast, based on the auditions for the above characters:
HERBIE: (M) A mob goon – likes peanuts
JOEY: (M) bartender
Caterer: (M)
BUM: (M)
Store Clerk: (M or F)

AUDITION FOR Amaretta and Sal

Amaretta: Hello, I think I’m lost.
Sal: Yeah lady, what can I do for ya?
Amaretta: Is this Elm street?
Sal: No it’s not. And can you get off the step, we're waiting on someone.
Amaretta: I’d like to get to Elm.
Sal: Well, you see that building with the pointy green roof?
Amaretta: The tall one?
Sal: Yeah... I think that one’s on Elm.
Amaretta: What a green roof. Yes. Oh we had a tall green Christmas tree one year. It was the greenest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Oh and the smell. Do you get fresh Christmas trees?
Sal: Sometimes.
Amaretta: My husband, George, he had to cut a whole foot off the top just so we could stand it up.
Sal: Tough break. Like I said, if you want Elm street – go to that building.
Amaretta: Which one?
Sal: The one that reminds you of the Christmas tree.
Amaretta: Oh, the green one.
Sal: Yeah… the green one.
Amaretta: Thank you.
Sal: Forget about it. (pause for her to leave) Shouldn’t be hard, ya old bat.

AUDITION FOR Sam and Frankie

SAM: Frankie? Where the hell were you? You think this party’s gonna take care of itself?
Frankie: Don’t worry about it Dad, everything’s fine.
SAM: Really, this is fine?
Frankie: Really, Dad! I told you not to worry about it.
Sam: Don’t worry? Where are the decorations, where are the lights? Where’s the tinsel, the tree… the greenery?
Frankie: Half the club is dark, Dad. Who’s gonna notice?
SAM: Who’s gonna notice? How many Christmas parties have you been to? A dozen? Two Dozen? Come on, chooch…
Frankie: But that’s how you do it. I thought mine would be different.
SAM: You thought. How can I say this? Your way stinks. Listen, when you asked to do the party, I thought you knew what it was all about. I thought you’d try to out-do your old man…
Frankie: I’m not trying to compete with you Dad.
Sam: Mary and Joeseph, I wish you would. Your mother (God rest her) said she understood you… but so help me...
Frankie: I don’t need to put up with this. Where’s Marie, she’ll tell ya.
Sam: There you go again, always hiding behind the women. Why don’t you explain it to me.

AUDITION for Marie and Amaretta

Amaretta: Marie, I don’t think we’ll have time to decorate, especially if the party starts in an hour or so.
Marie: Can you keep a secret? The party’s not at the club.
Amaretta: Where is it?
Marie: At a hotel Frankie owns.
Amaretta: Then why are you buying all this stuff.
Marie: Sam was never supposed to get inside the club… something went wrong, so I’m playing along until I knew more.
Amaretta: That’s a smart way to do it dear.
Marie: You must be feeling better? You sound better.
Amaretta: I do? (sigh) That’s good. I’ve got a secret too. Sometimes I’m more myself than other times. The worst part about is I need other people to tell me when I’m better. (pause) This time of year is the worst for me.
Marie: Tell me about it.
Amaretta: Trust me, you don’t… I think Christmas and I were never meant to get along. That’s when I lost my only son.
Marie: I’m sorry.
Amaretta: It’s been over 30 years. One moment he says he’s going to Elm street to get a newspaper, and the next – he’s gone.

(c) 2005 Richard Frohlich All Rights Reserved