Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New shows on their way - with crossed fingers

I sent off two new programs (NTU 70 and 71) to KNTU yesterday. I completely forgot about the holiday weekend - otherwise I would have tried to get the shows enroute to the station earlier.

I hope they make it there in time for broadcast. I guess when we all tune in this Sunday - it will either be a new show, or a rerun of last week's program (making the schedule out of wack for the holidays - since I wanted to air two Christmas themed plays for the end of the year).

** UPDATE: I receieved a phone call on Tuesday, saying that if the program was not received by noon on Wednesday - we'd have to wait a week. According to the tracking number, they got the package at ten minutes after noon... so - honestly, it's anybody's guess. Tune in and find out.

Last night we finished the first cut of the new Slappy's Puppet Playhouse show: "Twuz, the Knight Before Christmas". It goes on stage Thanksgiving weekend (yes, this weekend) at the Galleria in Dallas. TRTC alums: Shannon Atkinson (CN: Creature from 50,001 Fathoms) , Cindy Matthews (Trailer Park Christmas Carol), Reg Platt (SH: Abercrombie Forgery) and Ramond Banda (Cliff Proton I) all lend their voices to this latest play. It's great fun for kids and adults... the content is multi-layered with a little something for everyone.

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on "The Biscotti Family Christmas" - I hope to have sides up SOON... If you're thinking about auditioning, think of it as a light hearted Sopranos. Not a comedy or lampoon, just lighter.

Ciao! That's all for now.

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