Friday, May 26, 2006


Amazing - we've posted another podcast in 10 days.

Note: You do not need an ipod to hear this online content - just go to our podcasting page

This is the first (in chronological order) of three plays that we collaborated on with D.B. Humphries (Columbia Audio Theatre and Schlock Audio Theatre) about the life and spirit of Annie Oakley.

It's called "The Match" and it's based on how Annie Oakley met and bested her future husband, Frank Butler at a Thanksgiving shooting match in Ohio.

This play was recorded April and May 2004 in front of a studio audience in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas. It was produced by Shannan Frohlich and the Texas Radio Theatre Company. Directed and Engineered by Richard Frohlich.

Featured in the cast: Taffy Geisel as Annie Oakley, Michael Sean Matthews as Frank Butler. Also in the cast: Carley Carpenter, Joey Geisel, John Kelly, Eric Knapp, Curt Mega and Elise Perea.

Live sound effects were performed by Jennifer Parson and Ken Raney
Length: 16:46 min, Size: 7.9mb

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jack Hardcastle meets his own "Da Vinci Code" (Podcast)

We've finally posted another podcast... That's three of them in total!!!
(At this rate we'll have our whole catalog on line by September 2020...)

Anyhow, you will find our newest podcast on the Radio Memories Network here:

Jack Hardcastle and the case of the Sacred Cold Cream

It featured the voice talents of: Alexandra Boyd Rodgers, Marlene Dooley, Jesse Griffith, Clark Hackney, Katherine Johnson, Bob White and Ken Raney. Live sound effects were performed by Angie Payne and Jennifer Parson. It runs just under 30 minutes.

Jack Hardcastle is a hard-boiled, gritty cosmetics salesman who owns a shop that's open 24 hours. He savagely provides health and beauty aids to a city that pretends it doesn't care.

In this episode, recorded February 2005, Jack finds himself in the middle of a twisty turny murdery mystery surrounding a sacred cold cream and the supernatural powers it might have. The cream is rumored to have been Marie Antoinette's, and is kept in a "grail"... and Jack is framed for a murder... then he's rescued from the police by a woman... and they both have to find out if the cold cream really has an age reversing formula... sound familiar?

Sure it does...

So check out our courageous attempt at a "lifeless adaptation that reveals the flaws of its source"... it's all in good fun.