Thursday, November 10, 2005

Second Abercrombie Rehearsal

Julie did a fabulous job tightening up an excellent script. And despite a delay of 30 or so minutes while we all leafed through, and penciled in the 18 pages of updates to our scripts, when we got started, everyone sounded great. (and we still have two more rehearsals left... woo hoo!)

When I closed my eyes tonight, I could see Poirot and Holmes duking it out in Hercules little office in the Brussels Police Department. I could imagine Watson and his wife motoring through Antwerp on their new motor-bicycles and I could imagine the exotic atmosphere in Le Chat Noir, where madam Fifi did her 'snake dance'...

The only thing missing is the musical transitions and the recorded sound effects. Yup... that was the only thing keeping this rehearsal from being perfect. That's only one of the things I have to do this weekend. There's also a first edit for Slappy's Puppet Playhouse.

We recorded the soundtrack for their Christmas Puppet show: "Twuz, the Knight Before Christmas", on Wednesday. Two of our current cast members and technically 2 other TRTC alumni added their voices to this next production. Their scripts are always fun to do, and the sound tracks for the puppet theater use a lot of the same elements as audio theater - so it's not a big stretch for us. To bad we can't air some of these soundtracks... most work surprisingly well without puppets.

Anyhow, to stay on schedule with their Thanksgiving opening weekend, I need to have the first edit ready for them on Monday or Tuesday (the same day that all the sounds are due for Holmes).


Not only that, but I'm trying to button up the 'Biscotti Family Christmas'... so I guess there's no TV for me... (like I have time for it anyway)

Might as well make the most of the last hour or so before midnight - maybe I'll engineer the next broadcast. Incidentally, our November 27th show will feature an all new story from Great Northern Audio Theatre. I just got it in the mail, and it's got David Ossman and Phil Proctor from Firesign Theatre. Phil Proctor is also on Crazy Dog Audio Theatre's "The Last Harbinger". So that night you'll have your 'phil' of good audio drama...

- - - - - sorry about that - - - - - - - -

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