Sunday, November 06, 2005

Abercrombie Forgery - update

Rehearsals start Monday (tomorrow 11/7) on the Abercrombie Forgery. Our first show is on Friday November 18th, followed by a show at a local retirement community and then a late night show at Artistic Blends in Fort Worth.

At this moment, Artistic Blends is spelled wrong on the website - (missing the 'ic' - I'm sure there's a pun there somewhere) .

As far as the cast, I'm very pleased with the actors our casting director chose. We didn't even have a week between the posting of auditions and the actual event, and I was pleasantly surprised that so many talented folks showed up. As always - when you have so many come out to audition, it's tougher to pick. This weekend was made doubley busy because we were 'out of pocket' camping with my son's cub scout troop. It was a blast and brought back many scouting memories.

As of two minutes ago, I just finished printing out the script, and it was murder. For some reason, my printer is going on the fritz - and it will not print an entire script without locking up. Every time it locks up... I need to reboot the computer before I can print another page. Thankfully I had a second computer that I could just switch the printer cable while I got the other machine rebooted. But, as you can imagine, that created another whole group of complications. Sometimes I could get through a whole 15 pages (of a 74 page script) before a lock-up.

Will the hilarity ever cease?

In a nutshell, tonight was fun, plus I still need to produce November 20th's KNTU broadcast. At least tomorrow is a more casual read-thru. That will be nice.

Until later.

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