Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Biscotti Christmas Audition Scenes


(c) 2005 Richard Frohlich All Rights Reserved

Sam is the boss of the Biscotti family business, a shady organization in the city. The story takes place mainly at Sam Biscotti’s Nightclub where he believes his annual Christmas party is about to take place. He had left all the planning to Frankie, his son. Frankie is using the opportunity to get rid of his father and take over the family business. All the plans are suddenly ‘messed up’ when Amaretta, a disoriented old lady, wanders onto the scene and changes everyone’s lives forever.

CAST (Four males and Two females - some roles will be doubled)

NOTE: You do not need to be the ages recommended. This is an audio play - and you need only SOUND like you are the suggested age.

(F) Older woman – 70s She goes from not knowing where she is or what she’s doing – to being a very sharp cookie.

(M) Mob boss – 50’s Gave his son the job of organizing the annual Christmas party. Very disappointed.

(M) SAM’s son. – 30’s Plans to do away with his father. Getting help from Marie

(F) Manager of one of Sam’s bars – likes Frankie and would like him to be the boss.

(M) A mobster –

The following will be cast, based on the auditions for the above characters:
HERBIE: (M) A mob goon – likes peanuts
JOEY: (M) bartender
Caterer: (M)
BUM: (M)
Store Clerk: (M or F)

AUDITION FOR Amaretta and Sal

Amaretta: Hello, I think I’m lost.
Sal: Yeah lady, what can I do for ya?
Amaretta: Is this Elm street?
Sal: No it’s not. And can you get off the step, we're waiting on someone.
Amaretta: I’d like to get to Elm.
Sal: Well, you see that building with the pointy green roof?
Amaretta: The tall one?
Sal: Yeah... I think that one’s on Elm.
Amaretta: What a green roof. Yes. Oh we had a tall green Christmas tree one year. It was the greenest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Oh and the smell. Do you get fresh Christmas trees?
Sal: Sometimes.
Amaretta: My husband, George, he had to cut a whole foot off the top just so we could stand it up.
Sal: Tough break. Like I said, if you want Elm street – go to that building.
Amaretta: Which one?
Sal: The one that reminds you of the Christmas tree.
Amaretta: Oh, the green one.
Sal: Yeah… the green one.
Amaretta: Thank you.
Sal: Forget about it. (pause for her to leave) Shouldn’t be hard, ya old bat.

AUDITION FOR Sam and Frankie

SAM: Frankie? Where the hell were you? You think this party’s gonna take care of itself?
Frankie: Don’t worry about it Dad, everything’s fine.
SAM: Really, this is fine?
Frankie: Really, Dad! I told you not to worry about it.
Sam: Don’t worry? Where are the decorations, where are the lights? Where’s the tinsel, the tree… the greenery?
Frankie: Half the club is dark, Dad. Who’s gonna notice?
SAM: Who’s gonna notice? How many Christmas parties have you been to? A dozen? Two Dozen? Come on, chooch…
Frankie: But that’s how you do it. I thought mine would be different.
SAM: You thought. How can I say this? Your way stinks. Listen, when you asked to do the party, I thought you knew what it was all about. I thought you’d try to out-do your old man…
Frankie: I’m not trying to compete with you Dad.
Sam: Mary and Joeseph, I wish you would. Your mother (God rest her) said she understood you… but so help me...
Frankie: I don’t need to put up with this. Where’s Marie, she’ll tell ya.
Sam: There you go again, always hiding behind the women. Why don’t you explain it to me.

AUDITION for Marie and Amaretta

Amaretta: Marie, I don’t think we’ll have time to decorate, especially if the party starts in an hour or so.
Marie: Can you keep a secret? The party’s not at the club.
Amaretta: Where is it?
Marie: At a hotel Frankie owns.
Amaretta: Then why are you buying all this stuff.
Marie: Sam was never supposed to get inside the club… something went wrong, so I’m playing along until I knew more.
Amaretta: That’s a smart way to do it dear.
Marie: You must be feeling better? You sound better.
Amaretta: I do? (sigh) That’s good. I’ve got a secret too. Sometimes I’m more myself than other times. The worst part about is I need other people to tell me when I’m better. (pause) This time of year is the worst for me.
Marie: Tell me about it.
Amaretta: Trust me, you don’t… I think Christmas and I were never meant to get along. That’s when I lost my only son.
Marie: I’m sorry.
Amaretta: It’s been over 30 years. One moment he says he’s going to Elm street to get a newspaper, and the next – he’s gone.

(c) 2005 Richard Frohlich All Rights Reserved