Friday, November 11, 2005

New Website design.

Excellent news! Our new website is up. Yeah!

We've been waiting about a year for these updates to take effect. Well, they're almost, just about, nearly complete.

If you're looking at it tonight (11/11 or the morning of 11/12), you will notice a few things weird about it. You see, the new site is... up... the data's just a little dusty. But, in the words of Underdog, "Have no fear... What's incorrect and written wrong will be reworked and fixed by dawn." (or at least sometime tomorrow morning).

It's pretty snazzy though!

Also, I emailed some things to Jack at the Sonic Society up in Nova Scotia - I sent them a Jack Hardcastle story that was put together in 2002. I'll probably send them some other stuff in the near future, and then Texas Radio Theatre will be international.

And back when we won our recent Mark Time Honorable Mention (July), the folks at KUNM also wanted to hear and possibly air some of our plays. I think it's about time I get some programs off to them... so we can be heard in New Mexico too.

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