Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Donation Page/Jar

For years the audience of our live performances have been treated to the pathetic heart-breaking and slightly melodramatic cries of Zippy, our invisible donation jar elf, as he attempts to save his life by escaping from our donation jar.
TRTC Donation Jar - the home of Zippy

Each performance he is able to make his escape, only to be thrown back into the jar for the next show. His rescue is always dependent upon your kindness and generosity... which thanks to you has be consistently forthcoming.

Now "exclusive donation jar audio" has been added to our website and blog - and you can experience that life or death urgency from the comfort of your computer or ipod. Relish the pleas. Savor the whimpers. Relive all the fun times from a live Texas Radio Theatre Performance. Just Click the audio link below -

Please help Zippy or he'll DIE!

And do visit our donations page so Zippy won't die....