Saturday, June 09, 2012

Scorched Earth Complete

Back in February we were approached by the I-35 Radio Rep to help them produce a 9 part audio drama series called Scorched Earth.

Written and directed by Bruce R. Coleman, the series takes place in a little Texas town called Makepeace in the early 70's and centers around a strange visitor who suddenly appears on a night when all the lights go out for miles around. We just completed the final episode today. Here are links to the entire 9 part series all in one place for your convenience.

 I. A Stranger Among Us

II. Parasite

III. Blood

IV. Confessions

V. Fugitives
(yes - fugitives is spelled wrong in the link ... d'oh)

VI. Dreams

VII. Caught


IX. Homecoming

I hope you enjoy listening, as much as we enjoyed producing it for the I 35 Radio Rep

A small disclaimer - unlike the majority of our Texas Radio Theatre projects, the following audiodrama contains some language which is considered PG-13. If you're concerned about that sort of thing, you might preview a few before letting your youngest listen in.