Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Podcast #50 - VIRUS - Son of Schlock Audio Theatre

This is the first step alien love child (son) of Schlock Audio Theatre.

The film we poke fun at is Kinji Kukasaku’s VIRUS, a dreadfully bleak film due to its being cut to ribbons for an international audience. Virus was made in 1980 and originally starred Masao Kusakari, George Kennedy, Robert Vaughn, Chuck Connors, Olivia Hussey, Edward James Olmos, Ken Ogata, Sonny Chiba and Glenn Ford.

There is nothing like this post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie where human-kind witnesses the three way sucker punch of… 1) a killer pandemic from a genetically engineered super virus 2) Complete nuclear annihilation and 3) A half dozen famous international actors cast and directed by a woefully under budget Japanese-speaking film crew!!!

Join us now for an audio play that brings the human race to it's knees.

Vocally interpreted by: Mitch Carr, Bryan Douglas, Doug Goodrich, Larry Groebe, Rebecca Jordan, Bryan Lockett, Tiffany Lonsdale-Hands, Susan McMath Platt, Reg Platt, Joe Porter, Ken Raney, Dona Safran, Kelly Scott, Ric Spiegel and Jordan Willis

Runtime 63:30 min - 87.2 MB
© 2009 Richard Frohlich

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