Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spunky MacLean and the Murder at the Rockford Theatre

Spunky Maclean in: “Murder at the Rockford Theatre”

Written and Directed by Sonny Bynum. Set in the mid-1950’s, it’s an original story of a soft-boiled Greenwich Village detective named Spunky. While on a routine trail of a few unscrupulous characters, he suddenly discovers a bizarre murder.

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THE CAST (in alphabetical order)

Shannon Atkinson - Fleurelle
Rich Baker - Dr. Hyrum Dickens, Officer Edwards, Zack Kelso, J.C. Guthries, Leonard Spivey, Ticket Seller, Annc 3
Kristina Denapolis - Rhonda Carlisle
Matt Ducey - Mr. Roberts, Luther Chesterton, Sailor, Bouncer
Desirée Fultz - Barbara Davies
Elliott Gilbert - Roger Edelsen, Julius Freeman, Red, Usher, Opera Man, Announcer 1
Rachel Golden - Darlene Lovejoy, Freddy, Scream
Peggy Bott-Kirby - Mama Rosette, Mamma Diana, Opera Woman
Jess Price - Officer Clemens, Dr. Preston, 'Sweet Bobby' Tyrell, Sylvester Underhill, Mario, Cabby, Announcer 2
Ken Raney - Sgt. William O'Doyle, Mr. Jackson, Enraged Patron
Holland Sanders - Darren, Jennifer Cromwell
Rodd Wayne - Spunky MacLean


Rich Frohlich - Creative Director and Executive Producer
Joshua Cox - Sound FX Chief and Sound Engineer
Brandon Brown - Musical Performance and Music Engineer
Sonny Bynum - Writer, Director and Conductor