Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday TRTC...

After reading on Audio Drama Talk that Decoder Ring Theatre just turned four, I looked back to when Texas Radio Theatre first performed.

I knew it was sometime in October 2001... but I had to look back through my hard drive records and I found out that we were officially 8 years old YESTERDAY.

On October 15, 2001 we performed our first play in front of an audience at a Barnes and Nobel in North Richland Hills, Texas in cooperation with the Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers.

We performed "Domingo Siete" it was an enormous hit, and no recordings exist.

We performed our second show, and OTR recreation of War of the Worlds at a the "Someplace Else Pub" in Arlington Texas on October 31st

The second show had us feeling a bit like the Blues Brothers... because the bar we performed in was filled with folks waiting for us to get done, because we were encroaching on their karaoke time.

So although we had been working on scripts and gathering people for nearly a year prior... we first performed 8 years ago yesterday -

so... Happy Birthday to us!