Monday, April 20, 2009

Next Podcast and Next Performance


Just to let you know the next Podcast will be coming shortly.

Normally we would have posted on on Thursday or Friday, but we had plenty of things going on this last week - especially our most recent studio recording of CLIFF PROTON and the SEVEN DWARF ELEMENTS.

Unfortunately there will not be a stage performance of this Cliff Proton adventure. One of our cast members is moving out of the country, and we wanted / needed to explain his character's disappearance from the series... or wrap things up if we don't do another Cliff.

Eventually it will be available only on CD or on the web.

I can't imagine no more Cliff's - but, better safe than sorry.


The next performance is planned for the end of May.

We plan to do "The Time Machine" and another short play or OTR recreation.

After that - August looks good for the next one.