Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Broadcast - and Octember News

All sorts of stuff.

Two spooky audioplays in time for Halloween.


The Texas Radio Theatre is broadcasting and streaming tonight (10/31) on
KNTU-FM 88.1 Denton.

Catch "Hecate Hill" an original audio play by Bill Fountain at 7pm Central Time.

It's about a group of cyclists, trapped in a cabin, surrounded by an army of skunk-apes ready to take over the World.

Find out more at hecatehill.com

Also catch a new episode of the WHISPER "Some Things are Better Left UNDEAD" streamed on KNTU's website...

or just click the Streaming MP3 Audio button...

Also, while I have you here - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Doyle's diary has been cast, and we're gearing up for our performances and recordings.

The first one is Saturday November 11th Dallas Public Libary at 2pm.
The second is back in Arlington on Sunday November 12th at 3pm.
And finally, details permitting, we'll be at the Dallas Hub Theatre on Saturday November 18th - late night.

Check our websites (bottom of the message) for up to the minute details.

Doyle's Diary is our final performance of 2006.

We're working out our 2007 schedule. We normally have auditions the month prior. It's still in its early stages, but this is what we've got planned so far:

January -
Rod Renegade: Net Gain Zero

February -
Cliff Proton

April -
Colonel Nickels: The Troublesome Troglodytes of Tasmania

August -
Tales of Old Texas

September -
The Whisper and
Jack Hardcastle

November -
Sherlock Holmes

That's the story so far. Have a fun Halloween, Autumnal Festival, or... Tuesday.