Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Computer HELL

The lack of posts have been directly due to computer problems.

Like bricks of nitroglycerin arranged in a dominos-line fashion... or a group of mountain climbers all tied together at the waist, as Otto, the heaviest mountain climber in the world slips and falls. At that instant the others are waving at one another. One moment: a smile on their faces, the next: their hands wildly grasping at nothing more solid than mountain air as each are yanked one by one, off the edge aided by the impressive effect gravity has on Otto.

One after another my computer systems each suffered a completly unrelated but equally devistating blow.

The worst?

I was at Theatre Three two days ago, and my notebook computer - which has become filled with at least 4 unique and sizable projects suddenly had a stroke.

The 4 unique and sizable projects were stored on the notebook and only on the notebook, because I hadn't quite finished stablizing the other two systems and back up drives.

I would have started to spool off the work this week after "ALL ABOUT BETTE" opens... but that was not to be. Thankfully "ALL ABOUT BETTE" has all their sounds, and the show will be amazing. SEE IT!

Worst of all - I completely lost all recordings and effect resources to "LUNAR OUTPOST OMEGA".


Whoever was there when we performed it, was a witness to a singular and unique event.
Sad. But I move on... I must.

Someday I might have the cash to extract the data from my little hard drive, but for now I have to say good by to it... Goodbye data.

And the moral of the story.

Back up your data early and often. Do it tonight if you haven't in a while.