Saturday, February 18, 2006

TRTC Auditions March 4th

TRTC’s Next Auditions are for: Lost Ladies of Radio

Texas Radio Theater ventures back to radio’s Golden Age to recreate vintage episodes from three classic radio shows, each one led by an intriguing female character:
"Our Gal Sunday", "Easy Aces" and "Candy Matson, YUkon-2-8029"

Auditions will be held on Saturday March 4th. Contact us via email (PREFERRED)
or phone Larry at (214) 363-5651 if you wish to audition.

Visit our audition page for downloadable sides, show times and audition information.


SATURDAY March 4th starting at 10:00am

Arlington Museum of Art
201 West Main Street,
Arlington Texas

An appointment is necessary.
As you may know, radio theatre is unique. Although you will not be required to memorize a script, your talents must go far beyond the simple task of a dramatic reading. You will be expected to develop your character so that you have a clear image of how he or she fits into the story we are telling.
If you’re selected, you will be charged with the task of helping us paint an imaginary picture. Using words music and sounds, we must provide an environment into which the listener can enter through the power of imagination. Critical to our success is the use of sound effects. Unlike other forms of theatre, ours demands that actors understand and study the timing needed to blend in with the supporting sound effects.